Simply Baby Session Guide - Katharine Bentz


Thank you for entrusting me to photograph your baby! Not only do I have two children myself, but I work with several babies each month and I am very patient with them. I look forward to working with you to make our session as successful as possible.

• Sessions are typically 30-45 minutes long. Please have your baby dressed and ready to go for your session time.

• Sometimes babies need a break during the session so please bring a pacifier/bottle or whatever you feel may help get them through a fuss.

•It helps if you can practice sitting your baby on a blanket in the grass prior to the session. Some babies are sensitive to new experiences so it can be beneficial if the photo shoot is not your baby's first introduction to the outdoors :)

• The day before the session I will check the weather report. I typically like to wait until the morning of the session to make a final decision if it looks like rain. Often the weather report is wrong and the weather will turn out beautiful. If it does end up raining, we can reschedule.


• The best colors for clothing are blue, green, pink, yellow, brown, and beige. Jewel tones really make the color in the photographs pop. Pastels give a more classic look. Dark tones are not recommended. Please avoid black and red. If your child is very fair skinned, white will wash out their skin tones. Please avoid drawings on the clothing - this can be a very distracting element. Patterns such as floral, plaid, and narrow stripes are all fine. I recommend browsing Pinterest for some fantastic clothing inspiration.

• Two outfits are fine if you would like some variety. I think it's especially cute to have some shots of babies in just their diaper, but this is up to you. I bring diaper covers with me to the session in case you don't have one.

• Bare feet are usually cuter than shoes, but if your baby is standing/walking I would bring along a pair of shoes just in case they are unhappy with bare feet on the grass.

• For fall sessions, the weather is often unpredictable. It may be sunny and warm or possibly cold, fall-like weather. If you are planning on warm weather clothing, please have a backup in case the weather is cold. When children are not dressed appropriately for the weather, they can be very unhappy!


7-14 days after your session, you will receive an email with access information to an online gallery. On your online gallery you will be able to preview your photographs one at a time. Please note, the online previews are low resolution web images and do not reflect the image quality of the final product. After you have had a chance to view your images online, you can place your order online through the gallery, through e-mail, or over the phone.


• Any images not ordered after 30 days are discarded.

• Ordered images are kept on file for six months.

• Touch ups are applied after the images are ordered. General touch ups such as bug bites, scratches, etc. are done complimentary but more extensive touch ups require a $15 fee.

• Your online gallery will be online for seven days and will then expire. There is a $30 fee for an additional seven days online.

• For orders over $400, a $25 credit will be applied for a Facebook review and a $25 credit for a Google review. You are welcome to do both for a $50 credit towards your order!

• Please allow 2-7 days for delivery of digital files.

• Please add 9.75% sales tax to all orders.

• Accepted forms of payment are Visa, MC, Discover, check, and cash.

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