Newborn Session Guide - Katharine Bentz


Thank you for entrusting me to photograph and handle your baby. Not only do I have two children myself but I handle several babies each month and I am very careful and patient with them. I look forward to working with you to make our session as successful as possible.

• Please try to feed your baby shortly before we begin (30 minutes or so). This will help your baby to be sleepier and happier during the session. If you are able to keep your baby awake an hour or two before the session, this will help as well.

• Please warm your home to a higher degree than usual to help your baby to be comfortable and happy during the session. Around 76 in the summer and 80 in the winter tends to work well as long as you aren't too uncomfortable.

• If you are nursing, please do not drink any caffeinated beverages the day of the session.

• Please have a pacifier at the session as they help to get babies to sleep and soothe them. Even if your child won’t really take it it may help me. I always pull the pacifier out before taking photos. If you do not plan on using pacifiers please be assured that babies don’t get attached to them after our session and they really do help calm a fussy baby.

• If you would like family photos, we will take those at the start of the session so please have hair and make-up already done when I arrive. I recommend subtle clothing that will not be distracting in the photos. Also please ensure you have fingernails and facial hair etc. groomed. These do show up in photos, particularly larger print sizes. Please try and iron your clothes and use a lint roller, as wrinkles and lint tend to stand out in pictures. Avoid sweaters or other bulky clothing. You do not need to dress the baby as I have wraps I use for swaddling. If you do want the baby to wear an outfit, please try it on them prior to the session to ensure it fits and doesn't gape, especially around the neck. It can be difficult to find newborn clothing that fits well so it is ok to keep the baby swaddled through the session.

• Please do not feel like you are having a guest over and put the pressure on yourself to clean. You just had a baby! I do not need the house to be clean or tidy. I won't judge you on the condition of your home and am happy to move things out of the frame so the background is uncluttered. I may need to move some of the furniture out of the way to use a certain spot, but I'll put it back :)

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